News Media

News & Media

News media includes components of the mass media that deliver news to the public or a target audience. Examples of media Include: Newspapers and news magazines, television and radio, and the internet (online news, blogs, online newspapers, etc.)

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Travel Leisure

Travel & Leisure

Travel: Traveling to another city, state, or country to visit. Leisure: The segment of business focused on recreation, entertainment, sports, and tourism. Read moreHow Far Is Coral Gables From Homestead?Business travel: Generally, individuals work while traveling to other cities, states, or countries where they need to work away from home. Find: Discounted airfare, hotels, or

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Computers Internet

Computers & Internet

The Internet is usually referred to as “the Web” or “the Net,”, short for World Wide Web. It is a worldwide system of server and computer networks throughout the world, inter-connected to provide data and information to people. Uses include online stores, physical businesses using for exposure, and communication via things like email, messages, and social

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Business Economy

Business & Economy

Business and economy work together. Businesses offer products and services that generate economic income (gain), by selling goods and services to consumers AND the economy is how we determine the economics for “supply and demand” for those products and/or services.

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Arts Humanities

Arts & Humanities

Arts and humanities are academic disciplines that study human culture, context, and achievements throughout time. Arts & Humanities covers a very large subject area, examining many different ways humans, have understood and expressed themselves throughout time and the evolvement of our Society. Subjects Include: Philosophy, religious studies, history, anthropology, linguistics and languages, history, theatre, art

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